Total Economy - All in one economy plugin for Minecraft/Sponge

I’m having an odd issue with the jobs config. I’m unable to get the plugin to pay the player when a redstone_ore block is broken. Its working as intended for every other type of ore except restone_ore which is setup the same way in the config as the other ores which are working. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Have you added the illuminated block state of redstone ore too? It might be lighting up when mined and disqualifying itself.

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Thanks for the reply.

No I have not, but I bet that’s the issue. It would certainly explain why it stopped working after I updated the server.

I’ll give it a try when I get home.

Yes, that was it. Thank again, I appreciate it! Man, was that ever bugging me.

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Maybe you’re able to help me out with this too?

So all of my jobs are working except for farmer, I’m not sure why… I’ve attached a screenshot from the config. Players can join the job they just aren’t being rewarded from breaking any blocks.

edit: Cactus is working, however melon, reeds/sugar cane, nether wart, wheat, cocoa are not. Have not tested all of the others yet.

If you have any farming mods in there (e.g. Pam’s Harvestcraft), they might be changing crop behaviour and preventing TE from detecting it properly. If not, I haven’t a clue.

No I don’t. The only other plugin would be RedProtect but the lumberjack job is working fine for tree farms so I dont think that’s causing it.

Can you add some new actions like breed,craft,enchant ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx !

I have Tinker’s Construct and the hammer (which breaks a 3x3) does not give credit to mining ores for the mining job. I suspect this is the same for chopping an entire tree by breaking the bottom log only.

If I get an array of the blocks broken by the tool, how would I give credit for each ore?

Is there any JS exposed for Total Econ?
I am using CNPC scripts (nashorn javascript if it matters) to give the player economy on enemy death.
currently i am executing a command, but I’d really like to move away from that if possible.

I am looking currently for a way to add currency; i will likely be looking for a way to remove and check for currency as well in the future.
I will also need the javaType location so i know where to grab it.

thank you :slight_smile:

Is there a way to add a shop with infinite stock? For an admin shop?

Hello love the mod. I have a setup where you get rewarded for doing almost anything on my server (breaking blocks and placing blocks namely). Is there a way to turn off some notifications and not others? Namely I want to turn off jobs.addexp and jobs.notify in messages_en.conf as they create alot of chat spam (especially when breaking multiple blocks in a row as I have rewards for breaking blocks). I want to leave all other job notifications on though as they are useful and don’t happen often. Can this be done? Thanks.

serious love you plug in, but i am having an issue, how do i change the name of the currency in the config to show in the display message? thank you for your help

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