🏆 AdventureMMO [v2.0.7] [API 4/5/6]


@Mr_Daniel12321 the tree feller only destroys the block above the block you mined and not the whole tree. is there a way to fix it or is this a plugin issue?


Are you even active with this plugin anymore? Been months for an update.


I noticed in the comments that there was a Salvage skill / block before. Was that removed and why?


Hi there,

Is there a way to have this plugin only work on certain worlds in a multi-world server?
We have a creative lobby world and survival personal worlds off of that world using Project Worlds plugin. I'd like this plugin not to be active in the creative world, and possible other adventure or survival worlds.
Thanks for the great plugin! I hope the great work continues on it!


Make it multiserver, then use something like bungeecord to connect the servers together


Thanks for the reply. I'd like to keep it a single server, since I am not running it on anything fancy. I was hoping for just something in the config that allows one to set which world is not affected, or something like that.
But that's a good suggestion if I was up for the task.


Is there any plan to update to API 7?


When I try to use any commands I get “Error occurred while executing command: Could not initialize class me.mrdaniel.adventuremmo.data.MMOKeys”

Any fix to this?


I get the same exact problem when trying to execute commands


Good day,

Is there a way to make different ores from a mod award different amounts of xp? Something like ic2, whenever I point at an ore and type:
/mmoadmin setblock <skill> <exp>
They come up as the same block, ic2:resource
They have a type listed in F3, like copper and tin, but this plugin doesn’t distinguish beyond the ‘resource’ part
instead of say, ic2:copper and ic2:tin

Make sense? Any way of getting around this?

Thank you!


Perhaps this is a silly question, but what’s the item ID (F3+H)? Might it be possible that they only use one ID for their ores?


I don’t use IC2 personally, but I’m assuming that the item ID’s for the ores are ic2:resource and they use meta data to distinguish between them, i.e. Copper = ic2:resource:0, Tin = ic2:resource:1 (Not saying those are the values, but you can check with either Nucleus or CraftTweaker). AdventureMMO currently doesn’t support Meta data and probably won’t as they’ll be removing it in 1.13 (or so I’ve heard). So you will have to set 1 value for them all. If you have Ender Core installed, you can go into the config and change it so item registry names show up in tooltips.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you (and @pie_flavor) for the replies.

Yes, I believe they are using metadata, the same way vanilla minecraft diorite is just minecraft:stone:1 (or 2 or whatever number). You are correct that they seem to be moving away from this way in favour of “block states”… which I assume diorite in my example above would become minecraft:diorite.

1.13 seems far away though, and a big update that many servers, mods, plugins might take a while to catch up to. Is there no way, even by editing the config files to use the ic2:resource:1? How do others here currently give experience for players mining diorite or granite?

Thanks again, great and essential and fun plugin!


I’ve tried editting the config and using meta data and the ore dictionary, but neither works, I opened an issue for it here. However the dev seems to be inactive again, must be busy IRL.

If you want to give players xp for mining the 1.8 stones, you’ll need to give it for all stone (minecraft:stone), unfortunately there’s currently no other way.


Just an FYI - that’s not how blockstates work. Blockstates are a way of translating variable values into data values. So, if the person was extracting a BlockState from the config, you would write minecraft:stone[variant=diorite] (try it, maybe it works! :stuck_out_tongue: ). You can see the blockstates in the F3 menu when looking at the block - IC2 probably uses them, and you’d be able to use that (again, assuming that the plugin extracts blockstates instead of blocktypes).


Not sure if someone help has said anything about it, but on my current server when someone uses a special ability that increases the efficiency [For example, the Mad miner] the efficiency stays after the ability timer has ran out, the durability goes back to whatever durability the tool was at before, but the enchant stays, making the plugin slightly overpowered and I’m not entirely sure how to fix it, from what I’ve seen in my logs and console, there is no sign of errors anywhere, am I using incompatible versions or?

Running sponge forge edition: spongeforge-1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2569.jar
Running adventuremmo edition: AdventureMMO-v2.0.7-API5.x.jar


@RDTrow It’s been a known issue for a LONG time - https://github.com/Daniel12321/AdventureMMO/issues/27

I just disabled the skills which used the enchantments.


Just stick a fork in this plugin and call it done. No update in months, no fixes on anything :\


Any permissions to prevent this plugin from functioning in certain worlds?

Something along the lines of…




I don’t get any exp on any skill no matter what I do. I’ve checked the configurations and everything seems normal. Please help me.