Welcome to Sponge!


So excited to be here!


Yuss! Also really like commenting here with the preview thingy :smiley:


This is encouraging, so many familiar names from the past. Minecraft has been an amazing 5 year journey for us. Here’s to the next part of the journey aboard the SS Sponge.


Minecraft has one of the better communities out there, definetly :slight_smile:


Excited to see what’s to come!


I found out about Sponge from the owner of a large server I’m part of, it looks like a great opportunity for the Minecraft community! Thanks guys for all your hard work, both now and in the future!
Herps out!


Cannot wait for sponge! I love that the community has come together in this mess! :smile:


I for another am quite relieved to see this particular group of talent working on solutions to the current difficulties faced by our community. In fact, the work done here may very well be an improvement to what was before since the work comes with the benefit of hindsight and experience combined.

Please accept my gratitude and appreciation for the work you are all doing here. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourselves during these times! I know how it can be when you work hard on something important.

Thanks very much people,
Patricia Palumbo


Minecraft made some left turns and you guys just go the road you guys want to. Keep up the good work! :smile:


So happy to be here! I myself was new to plugin development (And Java) when i picked up Bukkit. So sad to see what started my journey come to a halt. Sponge shall be pick up the water that Bukkit couldn’t hold!


I think Sponge should get more better developers! Maybe from ingot or other projects!


Hello to all,:slightly_smiling_face:
I am looking to explore more over here as I am in here.:sunglasses:


Hooooly that necro ! :smiley:
From where have you digged this thread out? xD
Welcome! :slight_smile: