Would it be possible for Sponge to support per-player view-distance?


I just stumbled upon a post saying how paperspigot has an api for per-player view-distance, and I was thinking how extremely useful such a thing would be. I don’t really have much coding knowledge, but would Sponge be capable of such a function? How much potential extra work would it be if possible?


Im not one for paperspigot. In sponge a developer can read the settings a user has. Such as draw distance already (i belive). However setting that value. I don’t know if thats what you had in mind.

That all is. If i remeber correctly.


Yea I believe how it works is you can specify a certain view distance for each player, and the server will only send that many chunks to each player depending on their individual setting. It would be great to allow a greater view distance such as 15-20 for players that specify they can handle it, while greatly reducing server load by having a default amount, like a view distance of 10, supplied to the rest of the users.


That sounds more like a plugin you want then anything else. I know you want the api in there too


At the moment, there is a pull request open to allow per-world view distance, but per-player would be a bit larger addition. If you create on issue on the SpongeAPI Github, we can discuss it and I or someone else can look into this addition when we get a chance.