BetterCommandSigns [API 5/6]



This is a Command Signs plugin that adds support for multiple commands on one sign. Signs support permissions, and economy. All messages sent to players are customizable in the config file. This plugin is one you should definitely check out!


Download one of the releases, and put it into your plugins/mods folder.
After loading the plugin for the first time, a default config will be generated.
Edit the configuration to your liking, and restart the server.

How to use

Place a sign wherever you would like, and then use the commands below. After a command, you right click the sign you want to apply it too.

In commands you can use the {player} placeholder to target the player who clicked on the sign.


  • /bcs add - This is how you create signs, and add multiple commands to signs.
  • /bcs permission - This is the permission node required to use the sign.
  • /bcs cost - This is the cost for economy. (Uses servers default currency)
  • /bcs remove - You can use this to remove a command sign, without have to actually destroy the sign.
  • / - Use this to get information about a sign, shows the cost, permissions, and any commands attached.


  • bcs.admin - for the bcs command.
  • bcs.destroy - allows the removal of command signs



-Can you set signs to one time use or multiple/once per day?

-Can they run commands through the player?


You can set signs to one time use by requiring a permission node and then revoking it upon use.

Commands are ran through the console, I didn’t see the point of running commands through the player since you can set permission per sign.


The point of running commands through the player is that some plugins’ commands only work when run from the player.


Nice, been waiting for this (for API 5). Any plans on adding pressure plate support?


I hadn’t thought about adding commands to pressure plates. That would be a possibility I can look in to.

The point of running commands through the player is that some plugins’ commands only work when run from the player.

I could theoretically add player commands to the signs, not sure what the point would be.


Any way to add a listener to check items held in player’s hand? Possibly something for the future.


What do you mean @HeadbandOG


So at the moment signs are executed by player,(I am assuming) using right hand punch. Curious if it would be possible to add the ability for the tile entity to checkitem held in players hand during this punch. If item exists, perform command, if item doesn’t exist, display error message.


Something I can look at including.


New release available, fixes console spam related to air clicks and a new command.

Added new command /bcs info, which allows you to get information about the sign you click on.


Any plans on adding a cooldown feature?


How to add command /warp test2 in sign ?


To add a command to a sign you would use
/bcs add <command>

So to add a warp command you would use
/bcs add warp {player} test2

All commands are ran in the console, so your warp command needs to support running from console and support a {player} attribute.


I’m trying to use this with luckperms, to set buyable ranks in a server for a friend. It works with all but one rank and I was wondering if you would happen to know why, I use “/bcs add lp user {player} parent set pleb” and it doesn’t work unless all perms to all plugins are set to the rank you switch from(default doesn’t work to switch from), but “/bcs add lp user {player} parent set peasant, meatshield, etc.” works from default without the all permissions set to true, even if you switch from default it allows it. It’s only the one rank that doesn’t allow you to switch to without having full permissions.


Did you try to change the parent set (rank) to parent add (rank) ?? this seems to work for me when using command signs to assign players to a group
ex /lp user {player} parent add (pleb)


I didn’t try that because I wanted to remove old at the same time, like i said it works from default to all the others just not the one.


When you add or set a parent rank in LuckPerms it still retains the old rank with the same priority.

You should look into LuckPerms tracks system, if you are looking for a promote/demote. This is a quark about luck perms.


So what I get from that is that my default and the one above have the same priority, so when you have one you can’t switch to the other?


Not to my knowledge, you should try talking to @Luck, maybe he can help you with it. I am not the best with LuckPerms.