EconomyLite - An economy plugin for Sponge


Do you have a GitHub account where you could post this to the issues page? If not, just let me know and I will create the issue instead.


Yes, I do! I just submitted it as a feature request (not a bug so far as I can tell.) Whole numbers keep things simple, so I’ve always tried to use them on my servers since my currency is “Drakes”, rather than dollars or yen or any other standard real world currency.


Thanks! I’ll take a look at implementing it when I have time.


A new version has been released for EconomyLite, it is available for download here.



Is there anyway to have a /BalTop for any/all currencies, like maybe /baltop [currency] or is there a simple way to do so with programming, Im looking at your src to make a command to run the baltop for a secondary currency but some of the code is showing errors.


There is not currently a /baltop [<currency>] command. I may add it myself in the future. It should be easy enough to add if you want to do it.


is there a version for the API 6??


There will be no future releases for API 6, but this version should work on API 6.


I made a EN-RU translation for this plugin. I think I should make it public.


how does 1 view a secondary currency? like…
/pay amount
/give amount

etc. I dont really understand how multi currencies work if the wiki doesnt tell you how to use them exactly.


Currencies must be switched between. Only one currency is active at any given time. This is done via the /currency command. I plan to one day allow all currencies to be used at all times; however, this is not currently possible.


oh thats a shame. I was wanting to utilize mutliple currencies. ok. well i appreciate letting me know. just dont see a point in having multi currency support atm without the ability to really utilize them.


I never really thought people would be using the system in that way. I see the use though. Sadly, I am currently busy with my classes so I don’t really have time right now to implement it. Hopefully sometime in the next month.


Is it possible to transfer funds from one currency to another? I simply wanted to change the currency titles from Coins to PokéCoins but whenever I do that, everyone’s balance resets. (See below what I edited)


coin {

changed to:

coin {

I didn’t even change the current so presumably it should remain the same currency, just has different singular, plural, and symbol.


Could you please post your currencies.conf file?


It’s the same as I’ve posted above.
Just to clarify, their balance don’t actually reset; it’s still in the database but now they have a different currency altogether.


I have identified the issue, I’ll include it in the next update.


Awesome <3 thanks for looking into it


Do you plan to add support for mob drops? or could you point me to a plugin that would add that support?

Currently in my server there is no way for players to generate income.


I will be keeping EconomyLite strictly an economy backend plugin. It will never have additional non-economy features such as rewards, shops, etc. You could use my plugin JobsLite, or perhaps Laborous.