EconomyLite - An economy plugin for Sponge


Had no idea you had something already; Thanks! (Laborous isn’t for API7 so thats out of the question anyway)


About that “next update”, when will it be coming out? Sorry for asking again but it’s been a month lol.

Also may I suggest a feature to remove decimals? Right now people can /pay 0.0000001 for example and it’s kind of annoying.


I’m really sorry, but this time of year is extremely busy for me. There isn’t much I can do about that. Could please you elaborate on the remove decimal ability more on a GitHub issue so I can keep track of it? Thanks!


Ah I see. I’m sorry for bothering you. When you said you’ve identified the issue, I thought it was already fixed, just unreleased lol. That was just a misunderstanding on my part.

And sure, I’ll create a ticket.


Thanks! I’ll definitely look into getting the update released as soon as I have more time.


Wrong “Lite” plugin… :slight_smile:


A new version has been released for EconomyLite, it is available for download here.


  • Important: The file format of messages.conf has changed. It is best to delete the file before updating and then retranslate or customize the messages. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes.
  • Removed Updatifier support
  • Removed migration from EconomyLite 1.0.0
  • Fixed a bug regarding /pay command notification
  • Data requests are now cached to improve performance

I made many modifications to the backend of EconomyLite, so there may be a few new issues I introduced unintentionally. As always, please report them to the Issues page and I will resolve them as quickly as I can.


A new version has been released for EconomyLite, it is available for download here.


  • Fixed a critical caching error that caused balances to be modified incorrectly
  • Fixed an error that occurred with MariaDB software


A new version has been released for EconomyLite, it is available for download here.


  • Fixed a database issue that caused issues with multiple currencies


A new version has been released for EconomyLite, it is available for download here.


  • Fix a memory leak


is it possible to set a kind of “world-account” or something?
i would love to keep track of the circulating money.
or maybe specifiy where certain payments are destinated. for example paying a loan or paying something in other plugins like block claimes in griefprevention.

i hope you kinda understand what i am talking about :smiley:


You could create a virtual account called world-account, but I don’t know if GriefPrevention supports sending payments to an account.


thanks for the fast answer!
i am currently using a vaccount was worldaccount an i am happy with it.
i believe GriefPrevention does not support it


Hello, I hope this might be the place to ask. Will the latest version for EconomyLite fix the mod crash I am getting from the old version 2.13.0? Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Lio/github/flibio/economylite/bstats/Metrics;
I appologize in advance if this isn’t the right place.
Thank you.


If there any bStats errors, just delete the config/bStats/temp.txt, they will most likely be fixed. No data is lost.

Which other plugins do you use?


Actionbroadcaster,nucleus,buycraft,byteitems,carrotshop,commandsigns,denizen2,gp,gts,holograms,gwm,pixelmon,hypermod,keys,luckperms,pixelextras,pixelupgrade,virtualchest, worldedit,wondertrade


It might be an old version of holograms or byteitems. Check if they are up to date.


byteitems is 2.2.5 and holograms is older version 3.1. I see now there is new version 3.1.5 for holograms. I also see that both byteitems 2.2.5 and new holograms 3.1.5 have dependencies on sponge 7.0.0. We are using sponge 7.1.0, is there a problem with having sponge 7.1.0?


how do I use or add/remove a second currency that I created?


Just update holograms. I don’t exactly know where the error comes from, but there were some issue in older versions.

And using Sponge 7.1.0 is no problem at all.