Holograms - Easily create floating texts

The com.randombyte class data? Or the id listed under registered-data? It happens for classes that arent registered at all. could i just type in the class or would i need the ID

Edit: Here is what i put in the data-to-purge section:
However, it did not seem to fix my issue and both values returned to registered-data

Still occurs on latest.

Please show the data part in the sponge config of both installations. And again:

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Both data configs look exactly like this. The error used to be manageable. But now it is in a 30 second loop every now an then that stops all activity on the server until the loop is done.

The error occurs in the brand new server with freshly downloaded sponge?

If this is occurring only on an existing server and not a new one, it still points to bad data. You might wanna try removing Holograms from the server, add holograms:holograms-data to the data-to-purge list and restarting a couple of times until all the errors go away. You also may need to join the server and walk around any location a hologram was originally added to ensure the data is discovered for deserialization and purged accordingly.

@RandomByte Looking at some older commits it looks like the data id’s used to be "holograms:RandomByte-holograms" Is that correct? The timefame of this issues seems to fit with the time of this commit yes?

The ID originally was the class name. Regardless, the ID which creates these warning will be listed in the sponge data config. Copy this to the section where the data is to be purged.
Pleeeaaase verify that simply copying the world that “works” to the second server doesn’t help. There is exactly no way this won’t work.

Looks familiar

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Thanks! So @KyleCG please try the latest Sponge version as of now.

Thanks so much. Will do

Right, thanks, I added a note to all my plugins on Ore which had it missing yet(primarily the older ones).


A new version has been released for Holograms, it is available for download here.


  • Fixed a bug which added spaces after bold texts

A new version has been released for Holograms, it is available for download here.


Updated bStats to comply with the Ore guidelines

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How does one prevent the holograms from glitching out and just becoming armor stands?

Other plugins cause such issues. For example GriefPrevention makes them disappear: https://github.com/randombyte-developer/holograms/wiki#griefprevention-flags

In your case it is most likely also another plugin.

Start by removing plugins that interact with the world heavily (protection plugins). If the issue still persists, try binary searching for the plugin that causes problems:

Make a test server, and install only half of your mods in it, plus SpongeForge. Does the problem persist? If so, the problem mod is in that half; if not, it’s in the other half. Now you know what half it’s in. Clear the mods folder, and put half of that half in the folder, plus SpongeForge. Same procedure, and now you know what quarter of your mods the problem mod is in. Do it again to know which eighth, and so forth until there’s only one mod aside from SpongeForge. Through this process you can efficiently narrow down what mod is likely causing your problem.

Taken from the Sponge discord bot

Would there be any way to have the text stationary vs turning with the player? i’m sure its been asked already but the lovely internet here just shows grey boxes over comments for some reason :frowning:

How the text is rotated with the player is how ArmorStands work. This can’t be changed without a client side mod.

what version works on 1.10.2?

Maybe https://ore.spongepowered.org/RandomByte/Holograms/versions/2.2.