Prism Official Thread - v3.0 Beta


Why and how do I stop my default players using the commands in prism?
I have used pex to even give them false permission to no avail.


I don't know how to report this issue we have, it's a bit weird :smiley:

First of all, thanks for your work, it's pretty awesome (I have this feeling we had with LogBlock, back in the day !).

So, since a few days now, we have an increase in our CPU charge, a good 10%, sometimes even 20%, and we confirmed it was linked to Prism.

How ? By removing Prism from one restart to another, we just lost the CPU increase alltogether. Why is it special ? Because with a clean DB, we don't have the issue, it's only starting to appear one or two days later.

The issue happen with H2, MySQL, and MongoDB, I have no errors (as far as I can tell)...


Without any sort of profiling/debugging information I can't be of any help. What versions/platforms? DB size? Load info? Memory/CPU profiles?


Viveloroi, any idea what is the problem here?

I can't seem to find the command to rollback creeper explosions. I can see that it happens when I lookup but that shows everything. How do I just rollback creeper explosions? There isn't much documentation about the parameters to use.

Actually I cant get any rollback command to work. I tried

/pr rb since:15m

and it just gives me:

Prism // Querying records...
Prism // Defaults used: r:5

I was right next to the creeper explosion and it did occur in that time frame.

How does this work?


I'm running a creative server I was curious how does one tracks World Edit?


Pretty sure WE for Forge doesn't use the proper methods that would allow Sponge to fire change events. This also means there's a large performance cost which is why we gave up trying to use it.


If the messages stop at Querying... and never shows a follow-up message, something is breaking between the query and rollback phase. Check your server log for Prism-related errors.


I had thought there is a version of WE built on sponge. Are there any alternatives that would work with prism?


Breaks on the latest Sponge 1721 with inventory API


Does this work with API 5?


I can't find logs from commands typed, only block break/place/kill/join events seems to show up when I type
/pr l r:10000
I'm using Prism-3.0.0-beta2-14-g154e2b2-all.jar along with spongeforge-1.10.2-2092-5.0.0-BETA-1785.jar.

Is it not implemented yet?


Hello will this be available for 1.10.2? or can i use beta 2 in it?


Rest easy my friendly plugin.


latest dev build works just fine on 1.10.2


Using Forge 2098, spongeforge-1.10.2-2098-5.0.0-BETA-1798.jar and the latest dev build of prism.


Almost didn't notice this error. Not sure when it started either but im on sponge forge 1820, pixelmon beta 10, minecraft 1.10.2


you using mariadb right?


no, default file save. I think H2.


How do I switch my database to mysql? I have mysql all setup but it's still using the default file format database. Also, does mysql keep better records because I keep losing data on the default format and it doesn't keep track of players taking items from chests. Is that not possible in API 4?


Ore is currently down, as we're getting things set up for the production release. For now, plugin authors will need to host their downloads using Github Releases (or a similar service).