🛡 [Anti-Grief|General Protection] RedProtect Universal (All APIs Compatible)


Hi All,
Today i uploading a version where all is equal the Bukkit version. This includes a ~60% of recode. The most significative changes is:

  • Now we no more use creators and owners. This was replaced by Leaders and Admins. All region owners and creator will be moved to Leaders.
  • Commands (to run from console) to easlly convert from/to mysql/file any time without lose any information (until read/write problens) and convert from single world database to single region files.
  • You can choose the claim mode per world and dont need permissions for this. As example, you can allow fences claim mode in one world, and wand claim mode in other world. All is on configuration.
  • Rent system is working and tested. Buy/sell system is implemented but not 100% tested.
  • Language files updated to new features.


  • Remove (or rename to backup) your config.conf to let RedProtect create one with all new configuration.
  • Backup ALL YOUR DATABASE, file or MYSQL. The new additions will change the way all db is saved, but i added converters to convert old Mysql/file to new format. Backup is aways welcome.
  • Before ask about all new features, is all already on RedProtect WIKI. Remember, all of this new features is already on Bukkit version.

WIKI: https://github.com/FabioZumbi12/RedProtect/wiki

Download EXPERIMENTAL version from our Discord and let me know if you have issues: https://discord.gg/8uMZQWw


Thanks man! What will you add in the future?
Any posibility to make the claimtool for example in a kit?


This is a BUG!
When the player in the territory without authority, digging inside the diamond block.!
It can get unlimited experience!
Similar to IC2, infinite access to UU unit!!
Can be unlimited brush props for pixelmon



I think its a Sponge bug!

@Aaron1011 Can you confirm? Other user reported this too with a video (i forgot where). I need to make something to deny drop xp when i cancel break block?


Perhaps this. I have not had time to check how things are now.


Exact! But seems Aaron reopenned the issue ^^
I will reffer this on taht issue, thanks.


Hello.I fine a bug.
When other player break my coal ore.They can get the experience.

I hope you can fix this bug.


Is it up to date?


Yes '-' For latest dev build go to our Discord.


I like this plugins.


FabioZumbi12. Can you add new feature ?

Detail feature :
prevent world from player. Player or wilness do not have region can not place or break in world but player have region or claimed can place or break in your region.


Sorry, Ctrl+F hates me on this website, Does this protection plugin support modded block protection? For example in a FTB Server?


On configuration, look for the option "need-claim-to-build" this will allow player to build only on your claims, and dent create new claims.

Yes, Sponge API make plugins control all mod blocks like Minecraft blocks. If you want players to use mod machines on protected regions, enable the flag allow-mod


I use need claim to build. can not prevent
I can not use config 7.4 because run server redprotect error config.


Try to download this version: https://discord.gg/8uMZQWw

And if you already use redprotect, make a backup of your regions. if still with error, paste the logs on pastebin.com


Thanks heaps :smiley:


what is this?
I am OP!
But I can not fly in my own territory!
What do I need to set up?


I need to set "invincible" as globalflag, but i can't. I tried to adding invincible=true in the globalflag.conf but not works, how can i do?


I can't connect my server.He showed the old


How can i set a flag "build" to allow players to break-place any block?
(I need this for global region, i tried using globalflags but not works)