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is there a way for the allow-break flag to allow all kinds of blocks to be breakable rather than having to input all of them at once?


Ok simple question here is there a way you can set it up to where players can obtain claim points via time played or be purchased through game currency


how can i enable interaction for players? and how can i disable building/breaking in my region? thanks.


Anyone else getting "Barriers" created when you create a region? I created a region I flattened out... I didn't know it had to be rectangular or square... it was two rectangular areas right next to each other.. L shaped region... I flattened out an area and it had parts "stepping down" from the flat region.... I created a rectangular fence encompassing the L shaped region including the area that was about 4 blocks lower .. It allowed me to create the region.. I walked around inspecting the region and when I came to the "steps" of dirt going to the lower area in the region I was unable to.. Seems that the "air" at the same level as the ground of my L shaped region was filled into the rectangular shape using Barriers. Weird


excuse me.
i'm using RedProtect-Sponge-7.0.0-b3
for spongeforge-1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2300

when entity-block-damage=false in globalflags.conf
creeper will not blow blocks up.but also won't hurt players.
is that a bug??
I should protect blocks and hurt players



can you explain or give an example of these?


Execute a command as console when a player enter in a Region.
Usage: /rp flag server-enter-command [cmd1], [cmd2], ...

Nothing is happening when entering the claim when i use something like
/rp flag server-enter-command test


Is there a version for SpongeVanilla ?

Because here is what I get with this configuration :

  • spongevanilla-1.11.2-6.1.0-BETA-6
  • RedProtect-Sponge-6.9.0-b315 (tried with 7.0.0b as well)
  • LuckPerms-Sponge-3.2.4


Edit : solved with latest version.


Could you pls update your plugin to 1.11.2? I really love this plugin and wanna use it on my 1.11.2 sponge server.


It is up to date for 1.11.2 and you can find the latest builds here :


Whoops! Thank you!


Is it good or clever to combine thie plugin wiht UniverseGuard to have a better protection? Or is it better to just have one plugin? By the way is this plugin able to do the same things as UniverseGuard ?


Exact same goal for both plugins, syntax and configuration are different though.

Stay with one plugin, definitely.


found the answer to my problem ignore this!


Is it possible to set gamerules for each region seperately ? So that every Region can have different setted gamerules ? :slight_smile:


Hello, I am trying to use the plugin on a server to create a claim for the spawn area. I want to protect the area, while allowing use of buttons/pressure plates and so on with sticky pistons. The claim I made gives protection and the flags let players use buttons, but the pistons glitch on use.
For example, the button is clicked, and the piston will activate, opening a passage, but then both the sticky piston and the block stuck on it become stuck in the activated position, and disappear. Both blocks become invisible and it is not possible interact with them via destroying, pushing with a piston, a change in the redstone signal, or even putting a block in its place. The only way I've found is to use /blockzap from nucleus to turn it to air again, then I can put a new piston back. This effect does not apply when activated by anyone added to the claim.
Is this supposed to happen due to protection on the piston? If yes, is there currently a way around it to let players use them? I am running Minecraft 1.10.2 right now, if that helps.


Can you please update the description to not have chat censor. Looking through your source for sponge I am not seeing anything for protections.yml or chat, so I am guessing this is just a feature for spigot and not for sponge. The link for the chat protection is broken as well. It's a bummer because that was one of the reasons I went through the hassle of installing this.


Added protection module, and some features, changes and fixes, chekout the description again to download the latest version :wink:


Download the latest versions from Ore or for API 5 builds and dev builds download from our Jenkins:
Sponge Ore: https://ore.spongepowered.org/FabioZumbi12/RedProtect
Jenkins dev Builds: http://areaz12server.net.br:8080/job/RedProtect


I'm using spongeforge-1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2401.jar and RedProtect-Sponge-6.1.0-7.2.0-b137.jar.

My issue is that my players can't use pixelmon healers/npcs inside of spawn. I've tried using allow-mod true. Doesn't work for me, anything else that could work?

Thanks in advance!


Is it possible to use custom PEX permissions for RedProtect regions?


Enable the flag buttons, or try other flags like this. As mod, other flags can allow diferente things.

Yes, preferably.