:shipit: SeriousVote 4.8.4 ―Your one stop Votifier Listener API 5/6/7


Use something like command kits to run multiple commands at once


Whenever someone votes and receives more than one item, it says this:


What Serious Vote Version are you Using, what Sponge version are you using, what are you using to listen for votes. Also show your config.


Serious Vote 3.2-Bleeding (F)
SpongeForge 5.2.0
NuVotifier 2.3.4
Config: https://pastebin.com/euZ2RWcX


Does this happen when you /givevote or does this also happen when a player actually votes. Also, could you upload some info such as the specific items they received. I'm assuming that your problem is that it says a bunch of thin, and that it happens every time they get more than one item. And if they get only one, it says the actual name you put in the config.


That is exactly what happens :slight_smile:


Happy 4th of JULY! (USA)
Great News! I have version 4.0 of Serious Vote.

It has a new Loot Table System it's highly configurable and a lot more flexible including multiple commands per "reward".
It has custom milestones, you can make your own milestones for votes! The "dailies" now have random rewards that can use already existing loot tables, new roll system faster and better. Bug Fixes!

Currently this version is undergoing testing and will be released most likely later today, if not tomorrow morning, I will leave attached a link to the new config if you would like to start setting it up before it's released.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let me know!

The next update will make it so the plugin works properly in the 1.11/1.12 API.
The Update after that will introduce the ability to give make different reward tables for different groups.

Click For 4.0 Config


Have my babies!

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:shipit: SeriousVote 4.0- Your one stop Votifier Listener :gift:
SeriousVote 4.0 is here guys! If you downloaded the latest config from the previous post, well it had a few errors including a missing quote in the milestones section, and a missing bracket north of it. I advise you to copy the config above or let the plugin generate one. Also added something else to it. But this is the final version for this version.

-Lots of Bug Fixes
-New Loot Table System - Highly configurable and still pretty easy to use
-New Table Sets So you can setup pre-made tables to use in different parts of your config.
-Added ability to change the message that comes with /vote
-Added option for custom messages to dailies and milestones
-Added option to use /givevote when the player is offline

I am planning to make a video to explain the configuration process for those that need it. The new config may seem a little intimidating for some and I don't want to leave anyone out.

Once again if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know! Stay Serious my friends!

:octocat: Download 4.0 - Latest Stable


does 4.0 work with spongeforge 1.10.2 api 5?


yes It's made for API 5, i'll clarify that above.


There was an issue I overlooked in version 4.0, if you make tables with higher values it wasn't properly choosing from the tables. Here is the version with the fix. Please update, no changes necessary.
Download SeriousVote 4.1 - Latest Stable


SeriousVote 4.3 For API 5/6
This version was tested on both API's and was found to work fine.
Added in the Async Fix that i forgot to merge from my bleeding branch.
SeriousVote 4.3 - Latest Stable


Could you add a command to allow players to see what their current voting streak is for the milestone rewards?


Sure I'll add that to the next update.


When people are offline, vote several times, and then log on, they get this message:

Could it be changed to list the rewards?


My apologies if my question has been asked and answered before, I seem to be misunderstanding how the random calculation is being performed. In the config example above, it is written that

//# The weights are pretty simple to use, the higher number a reward has the likelier it is to be chosen.
In the TableCommon below 'money1' has
//# 25/125 chances to be chosen. You can use this to make common, rare , and super rare (etc...) tables which can be used together when you
//# want more control over what is being given out.

Though when reviewing that table I see that

TableCommon: [
  "70", "tomahawk",
  "25", "money1"

money1 says 25 and I know that 70 and 25 do not add up to 125.

Could you clarify how 125 is derived please. Best guess is that 25 was added to 100 to become 125. I want to be sure I understand how the calculation is performed as we are attempting to create a rather in depth randomized vote reward system to hand out extremely rares all the way to commons. Again, I apologize if this has been clarified elsewhere, there seems to be an extensive history of comments.


It should be listing the out the last group in the set, I'll add that to the TODO for the next update as well.


So this was an error, After updating the config I did not update the annotations that were there. I made changes to the default tables and such. So i that example money one has 25/95 chances to be chosen. I'm sorry for any confusion. The calculations are as expressed, although not reflected by the example. In a group with A-25, B-60, C-90, D-10 : C has a 90 / 185 chance to be chosen.