SpongePls [BungeeCord Forge Support]

Ok, so, finally, just so I understand completely - In my Bungee’s config.yml, I have:

address: localhost:25577
restricted: false
motd: ‘’

hermit.mydns.whatever: Hermit

So in my spongepls’s config.yml - It’d simply be


  • ‘Hermit’

Is that correct?

Correct that’s how it should look like

Awesome, I’ll do some testing and get back to you. Thank you for your prompt response, I hope you enjoyed whatever festivities you celebrated yesterday, and enjoy the holiday period :slight_smile:

Is this how I can connect two sponge/forge servers together? I read this is for Java 7, but I’m curious if it’s updated for the latest sponge/forge.

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I’m using it currently for latest BungeeCord, Forge, and SpongeForge.

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By chance can you send me a dummy proof walk through? Thanks!

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There will never be a dummy proof walk through xDDD Yeah I’ll message you and walk you through it

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can copy/paste to me pls :slight_smile:

Well, the download from the build server keeps failing for me. Well they time out after a few KBs.

Just downloaded the .jar - Maybe try again now.
(Although I managed to get SF into BungeeCord without this - tested only with FML clients though)

Since BungeeCord is a proxy for the networking there’s no updating needed unless the netcode changes. This is why BungeeCord currently states support for 1.8 and later. This is a BungeeCord plugin so support doesn’t depend on FML versions (again - unless netcode changes).
If you want to know more about how to use Sponge along with BungeeCord, take a look here: https://docs.spongepowered.org/stable/en/server/getting-started/bungeecord.html
Also: Use Java 8. xD

Still not working

Then try using Waterfall “instead” of BungeeCord: https://github.com/WaterfallMC/Waterfall

Downloaded it a while ago by repeadieatly downloading it since a few kb always come through. It was more meant as a bug report.

I’d still recommend giving Waterfall a try :slight_smile:

Here’s a mirror since the build server isn’t working for me either.

edit 2019: don’t use this, use a supported Bungeecord Fork like Waterfall

That’s what it does.

Okay so, I changed my spigot.jar file so that players can log on my vanilla with FTB forge, when i use this plugin it then it block me telling me that if i want to use ip forward then I must set it up in my bungee config…

Well, did you set up IP forwarding in your bungee config?

I took dualspiral advice and things works well with Waterfall, the bungee fork. Thanks!