Tab Manager [API 5/6/7] [v 1.0.4/v 2.1.3] - Customize your tab list

I made a pull request, which was accepted and merged into the original source code. I can download the official source and build it and release a build if @Proxying doesn’t have any time.

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Download v1.1 here!

This is a build of the official source code of TabManager.

@Khaoz: here it is(I couldn’t test it before but I know it is successfully used on a bigger server)

names are all white when I’m on the version with placeholder support

If I move back to 1.0.3 they’re colored.

keep in mind this doesn’t use the latest version of placeholderapi. It uses the one that works with my pixelmon placeholders that i commissioned happy to make.

Yeah I’m not using the latest version of PlaceholderAPI as well, since it breaks some plugins I have that are compatible it.

hey Random; due to PixelmonPlaceholders being updated to support placeholderapi 4.1, could you update this to do the same? server crashes on startup when both this and placeholderapi 4.1 is added. Would really appreciate it!

The same thing was requested by the guy who commissioned the original modification to add Placeholder API support to this plugin. I will make a PR request and provide a build.

I am currently trying to set my tab list to vanilla but it wont work even though I set my pixelmon tab list in pixelmon.hocon to false. Any help?

Having this same issue, did you find a way to fix this?

New version for MC 1.12.2 is out, supporting Nucleus Nicknames. Download link will be in the main post.

(Dependencies are now correctly marked as required for PlaceholderAPI and Nucleus).

I used to just have color codes so that it would color players’ names in tab but now they are all white, it’s like the name is set not to take the colors that we put in the groups config, would I have to do it a different way now or is there a problem with that with this new update?

Do you have the Nucleus nickname check enabled in the main config? If not can you hastebin/pastebin your groups config please?

EDIT: Version 2.1.0 released, fixes some performance issues and the coloured name bug that @Nyox was referring to. Download link on the main post has been updated, but it’s also here;

Thank you for the update!

how do you do the muliply lines on header and footer?

To do this, json format methods are used

not sure how that is done :confused:

At me it is made so

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Just updated to this and the name colors are still white. Using the same config on an older version works.

Hmm, that’s odd. Trying to fix this now.