What does your desktop look like?


Most people lke their desktop clean, what’s a better way to keep it clean than have nothing on it? Double click and boom, hidden!
That’s why I use it personally, also I like having everything labelled - ages ago I’d take wallpaper and add an overlay drawing boxes on it so I put my icons in respective box.



I really need to clean my desktop up, but I don’t want to break anything. ;-;


Try again later?
Or just post a link and embed it when you are able.


Ok so here is mine now that i can post it :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows 8.1

My VMs


Cluttered taskbars count towards dis-organization ^^


I really love NodeJS but i can’t do a thing with it atm because i am learning it and i found out about Cloud9 so i was beginning to clean my VM’s.

I use Workstation 10 for virtualization for several reasons:

  • Virtualbox won’t run at al on my machine :frowning:
  • Working at school with this.
  • Always worked with it.


what dya think?


Kinda clean


What do you use to get the time and links to show?


…You call that minimalistic?


I just put a rainmeter skin together a few months ago. That date and time is from another rainmeter skin. Message me if you want downloads


@GameplayJDK It’s i3 (a tiling window manager).
In regards to the IRC client, I am using WeeChat :slight_smile:


With the icons off, yes. That’s why I put it above the first picture.


Everything is usually hidden, but I’m displaying it due to this. Images change every 15 mins.
I also had themes, but then Windows updated and it screwed everything over. I’m going to re-install my OS soon.


The computer I’m currently on is rather boring:

The desktop background is also glitching out quite a bit =P
Debian Wheezy running Xfce 4.6.

My other computer is a bit more interesting:

( Full size: http://i.imgur.com/jeta7Am.jpg )
Debian Jessie running Xfce 4.8. The desktop backgrounds are assorted things from an imgur album; I know the center one is Alduin, but I don’t know what the other two are (if anything)

There’s also a Windoge computer by the three-monitor one, for running the Adobe tools, but I’m not going to boot it up just to take a screenshot. =P


Dude! There’s both a background, a clock, a task bar and whatnot - get rid of that shit!


Half-life 2, the Citadel. Left side is mine, right side is teenage son’s (must repair laptop, soon!)

Now to go clean up some…


I don’t think you get the point of minimalism. Sorry. (:


I only have Chrome and Minecraft pinned. Everything on my taskbar is organized in order.