What does your desktop look like?



Mine, also have an SAO background @Senpai :smile:


All those new tabs doe
But none the less it’s nice. Took me a second to realize that was Kirito


Yea, right…

You’re looking for simplism, not minimalism.


i wish uyou could make multiple instances of a desktop


You’ve installed Netspace 10 :smiley:

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Oh I wanted to test what netscape does with the internet today.
Conclusion: Nothing or crashing


Its so beautiful…
go apple!


That thing is an abomination! KILL IT WITH FIRE!! (how can you find anything?)


Ever heard of Firefox? That’s Netscape today.


I press “Windows key” and start typing.

I just wanted to see if netscape still works :surfer:.


That would kill me. I don’t have a single icon on my desktop. I don’t even have icons enabled.


I kinda just let things pile up until it takes me more than 10 seconds to find the icon I’m looking for. Good news is, my eyes have been trained to find icons in this fuster cluck and I only need to organize it (drag drop everything into a folder called “Cleanup Icons”) every 4-6 months.

But when I’m streaming or taking screenshots, Right Click - V - D . Hides all icons.


Lol @DarkArcana

Mine (No hating on Macs):


ArchLinux with i3 window manager


  • XP
  • The over eager Vista
  • Win derp 7
  • Winfail 8
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Mint
  • Majaro
  • Elementary


made more icons that I actually need for the screenshot


I feel @DarkArcana cringing it is like an earthquake


I love minimalism.


Here’s my current one :L

I may or may not have just installed Fence xD


I accidentally my desktop while looking for Bluetooth icons.
Debian Wheezy with Xfce.

EDIT: I just realised I replied to this topic twice. Oops.