Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin


Crazy. I’m create a new server whit the same plugins. Now world accept changed flags. I can’t reproduction the first problem.

Edit: It’s possible to set the greeting and farewell flag or add this in the next update?


I’m glad that issue was “self-solved”, maybe it was just some error with sponge itself :confused: For the flags, i can add them in the todo list and see if i can implement them soon :wink:


Thx for the final Version for Api7 but i have Problems with mobspawn.

I have set all to false see screen here: https://gyazo.com/b2cfc1b64b6c97b64546123937fbc2e9

But Mobs spawn allways and i can manually spawn mobs and villagers. I think there is a error?

Flags like Explosions Damage for TNT works. But other problem is cant rg gamemode there allways shows “please specify a valid gamemode”


The gamemode command is bugged, it needs the “mod” id, so for example if you want to set creative mode you have to type “minecraft:creative”. That shouldn’t happen but for reason it is and i’m looking how to fix it :confused: For the spawn flag: you can manually spawn them because probably you have the permission to do that. What shouldn’t happen is the natural spawn, that should be blocked. I’ll look into this issue as soon as possible :wink:


Thank you but the natural spawn works to when i disable mobspawn


I’m glad to know that natural spawn work as intended. Make sure you don’t have any permission when manually spawning mobs, because if so the flag will be ignored


if i set mobspawn to false like on my screenshot the animals still spawn on their own. mobspawn false as in my screenshot does not work. The animals spawn anyway


Will look into this issue as soon as possibile :wink:


If i’m use CraftBook4, UniverseGuard are blocking Gate and Bridge inside protected areas with place/destroy=false. It’s writing “You don’t have permissions to do that”. Permissions from CraftBook are right and objects function outside protected areas.

me4502Revered Developer of Stuff

In that case the protection plugin isn’t being specific enough when grabbing the player who placed a block. It should be handling direct placement only, not indirect placement.

It’s probably using @First rather than querying for the player correctly.


Thanks for the report, i’ll look into this issue :wink:


Are you there? Is the Plugin dead?


I am :smiley: Was just busy working on the new stuffs that will be released tomorrow or saturday :slight_smile:



Hi everybody, Jimi here! The newest version of UniverseGuard has just been released, and it’s probably the biggest update we ever made. It contains a tons of stuff and many of them are so long waited requests. Before going throught the details of this version i want to give a big thank to tryolivier for it’s support :smiley: Thank you so much for the support and the patience waiting for the fixes :sweat_smile: Another thing i want to share with you is that we have a new developer on the board: eheimer. He’s a very talented man and helped the project a lot with some features that were requested for so much time. Thank you man, i hope we’ll build something amazing together :slight_smile: But now, before this introduction, let’s see what’s new in this version, what has been changed and wich bugs has been fixed :slight_smile:


  • Regions now have Unique ID’s. This will change how they are stored on the server (now each Region file is named with it’s ID) and will open up to new features, wich one of them is in this version already
  • In the root config folder of UniverseGuard there will now be a file called index.json. It contains the key-value pairs to know wich file represents wich Region
  • Regions can now be renamed. Previously was bugged due to how files were saved on the server.
  • All commands now supports tab completition. A big thank for this feature goes to eheimer, he is the guy behind this feature :slight_smile: This will make easier their use and should lead to less errors as commands syntax is now more strict. For example, the /rg gamemode command now accepts only gamemodes in the form of [id:gamemode], like minecraft:survival. Typing only the gamemode will result in an error, despite the gamemode actually exists. This will probably be changed in the future by the way
  • Added a new configuration setting: unique_regions. By default it’s set to true, meaning a player can be a member of only one Region. Se this to false if you want players being able to join more Regions.
  • Improved permission checks using the Region selector.
  • New local Region property: greeting message. Can be set while editing a Region using the /rg greeting [message] command. It will show in the player’s hotbar a message when he’ll enter a Region
  • New local Region property: farewell message. Can be set while editing a Region using the /rg farewell [message] command. It will show in the player’s hotbar a message when he’ll leave a Region
  • New command: /rg copy [Region] [New Region]. Give you the ability to copy a Region into another
  • New command: /rg at [x] [y] [z]. Works like /rg here, except you can specify a specific coordinate to check. Can be used by everyone
  • /rg here will display all Regions at the player’s location if more Regions are there, or just one if there is only one Region. This applies to /rg at command too
  • Region selector obtained via /rg command will now be put in the selected hotbar slot. Be careful as this will override any content in that slot
  • If the Region selector is added correctly to the inventory there will be a message in the hotbar notifying it
  • The all selector can now be applied to all non simple flags like interacts, vehicles and explosions
  • Added a new selector for mob flags: allhostile. This will handle mob flags for all hostile mobs
  • Added a new selector for mob flags: allpassive. This will handle mob flags for all neutral and friendly mobs, like animals
  • craftingtable interact flag set to false will now block crafting an item in the 2x2 survival crafting inventory. This works only in 1.12.2, not for MC-1.10.2 wich however is in development
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed some bugs related to version updates
  • Fixed /rg expand command ingores user values
  • Fixed place and destroy flags not working with some modded block entites (like turtles from computercraft)
  • Fixed some bugs with explosion flags
  • Fixed a bug with itemdrop flag not working in some cases. This works only on MC-1.12.2, for MC-1.10.2 is still in development
  • Fixed hideregion flag not always “hiding” Regions. The Region now won’t be listed in the Region list, Region info page, Region flaginfo page and can’t be reached via /rg teleport or /rg spawn command. The Region itself will still work as well
  • Fixed a bug that causes config to reset to it’s default values

Download for MC-1.10.2: https://goo.gl/ceCBrW

Download for MC-1.12.2: https://goo.gl/dLByrk

If you find a bug please let me know in the comments here, on the official GitHub Issue tracker or via private message.

As you can see from this release there are some fixes or some features working for a version but not for another. This is because API7 and API6 are very different in some points, so features developed with API7 doesn’t work on API6 and viceversa. Also developing two versions at the same time is really hard and time consuming, we can use this time to fix more stuffs and create new features. Therefore, if we can’t figure out how to build a universal jar, 1.10.2 support will be dropped and API7 version for MC-1.12.2 will be the only supported version. However this won’t happen with the next release or the next one after that. API6 version will still be supported , but except at some point a message, in a few months, where the support will be gone.


  • Improving the permissions system by giving the ability to set permissions for every command or to join a Region
  • Making flags and other components clickable in chat, to speed up the Region setting process
  • Adding a proper tab completition support for location arguments
  • Adding the ability to create and manage Regions from the console
  • Some tweaks to the mob flags
  • Adding a way to show what is selected during a Region creation or edit
  • Defining Region templates
  • Improve the /rg info screen

Please backup your server before using UniverseGuard, cause bugs are always around the corner and some of them may potentially break your world. If you find one of these, please let me know :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy UniverseGuard2 :slight_smile: Peace! :smiley:


・I translate Japanese and write it as a English. Excuse me.

①Items can not be thrown away in the area
Flags such as [itemdrop] are allowed.

You can not sit in the chair of MOD [customNPCs] if you are inside the area.

I feel that it was working at 2.6
・Version used:UniverseGuard2.7/Minecraft1.12.2/1.12.2-2611-7.0.0-BETA-3012



It is resolved using the authorization [universeguard.region].
However, non-creator players will allow destructive activities

I will ask for a solution


The problem with the chair could be some entity interacts not going well, i’ll look into this :wink: As for the second message i did not understand what you mean when you say “non-creator players will allow destructive activities”, does this mean that players without permissions can do stuffs? And if so what’ve you discovered they can do without permissions? :slight_smile:


I will make it as a screenshot setting,
Players other than myself can not discard items with [Q key]


That’s really strange, does this occur in that specific region or in all regions, even global ones? Also can you send me via PM the json file of that region, so i can test this having your exact situation?


I sent PM
If you do not mind, please check.


Hi! I’m having the exact same issue. It’s happening on all local regions. But not globals.